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VR/AR Ecosystem Report Sports & Fitness Q2 2022

VR/AR Ecosystem Report Sports & Fitness Q2 2022

Due to the Pandemic starting in 2020, Sports and Sport's related market has been significantly impacted, transforming the way the sports team and leagues engage with fans to drive revenue. On-site fan attendance was reduced considerably during the pandemic, and fans discovered new alternative online entertainment, including e-sports, virtual worlds, tokens, NFTs, and online streaming.

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I Tried VR Fitness and It Totally Changed My Workout Routine

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I tried a bunch of these VR fitness games and it was a total game changer (pun intended). Here are the games that ended up being my fitness faves.

Enter: Virtual reality fitness. VR fitness is a ~new age~ way to get fit at home. It’s similar to the experience you get taking a Peloton or iFit class, but goes a step further by immersing you in a whole other world. And while some games are a little more “traditional” — with trainers and coaches guiding a certain type of workout — others don’t feel like a typical fitness class at all.

But let’s be real here: the sound of going back to the same stationary bike workouts and burpee routines doesn’t sound fun at all. So WTF do we do if we’re trying to avoid exercising in public but don’t want to lose the motivation we just FINALLY got back?

Over the last couple of months, tons of peeps have been hitting up their old fave fitness studios and gyms to get their sweat on. But as the Delta variant continues to spread in the U.S., some people might be thinking about dusting off their home workout gear and WOFH.

Outside of being for Oculus Question 2, here are some other things I considered when picking the best games:

There are lots of VR fitness options out there, but all the games you’ll see below are specifically for the Oculus Quest 2 headset — because that’s what I had available to test. BUT the Oculus Question 2 is also pretty rad. The standalone unit is wire-free and legit made me gasp out loud the first time I used it. (Seriously, I now understand the appeal of a Ready Player One-style life.)

Best overall VR fitness game

Price: $18.99/month or $179.99/year, 30-day free trial available

This rhythm-based game is hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t tried VR because it’s so different from anything IRL. If I told you to try a game where you stand on a platform in the middle of beautiful landscapes around the world while you try to smash orbs, squat, and lunge inside triangles on beat to awesome music (Oh, and also, you hit the orbs with big glowing bats??), you’d probably look at me funny.

It sounds weird AF, but it’s also oddly addictive. The magic of Supernatural is the combination of catchy tunes and A+ coaches who guide you through each workout. Unlike other fitness platform narrators, Supernatural’s fab coaches have never uttered a single word about shredding, toning, or blasting calories. So far, what I’ve experienced is a diet culture-free zone. YASSSS!!!

Supernatural puts out a new workout every day. Each with a specific difficulty level — from relaxed, chill, low intensity sessions to heart-pumping workouts with complex choreography. In terms of music, it’s also got the best soundtracks compared to other rhythm games I tried.

Sooo what are the downsides? My biggest complaint about Supernatural is its lack of on-screen stats during workouts. You can view your accuracy, power, etc., after each song, but there’s no way to track how you’re doing during your workout. IMO, adding mid-workout stats would give it a more competitive feel similar to Peloton’s class model. Right now, even if you miss every orb or stop moving altogether, you breeze right on by to the next song in the session. It hasn’t stopped me from killing it, though.

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